More Business Network (MBN) is dedicated to supporting its members and promoting its businesses.  Knowing that fellow members are looking out for business opportunities for each other, inspires everyone to do the same.  In helping others with more business opportunities, the average MBN member receives more business themselves.  This is human nature; the Law of Reciprocity.

The meetings are professional, supportive, friendly and relaxed but still have a structure to ensure members and guests can rely on meetings starting and finishing on time.

At MBN you will get to know your business colleagues very well.  Both members and guests benefit from additional opportunities from visitors to the meetings.

The objective of MBN is very simple…  The clue is in the name; to get MORE BUSINESS.

This is the smarter way of doing business; having trusted business colleague and having access to their contacts.  It is a simple strategy, but it is very effective…  In fact, it has been proven that word of mouth marketing is the most successful way to get MORE BUSINESS

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Here are some testimonials from guests and members about MBN

If I ran a networking group, More Business Network would be my inspiration. The energy in the room is amazing. Group members look out for each other, their well-being as well as business links & contacts.

Sharron Goldstone

Director, Plus Size Network

More Business Network is great! Regular attendance at the meeting has helped me to focus on my business activities and I have made a huge number of new and interesting connections. The members are very supportive and friendly. The group has been instrumental in me being able to publish my first book. Thank you to Mel and all the members.

Anna Stapleton

Author, Life Evocateur

I have never met such a group of friendly helpful people. I love attending these meetings and hearing about everyone’s businesses and stories. Mel is a star who has helped me no end and continues to do so. I’m so glad I’m a member.

Angie Prout

Cake Decorator

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