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MBN was set up by Mel Tadhunter to provide support to local businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them reach their full potential.  Mel has had a lot of networking experience and it completely turned her business around 6 years ago.  She loved the interaction of networking so much that in September 2011, she set up WeNetwork with Laura Sorrell, her then business partner.

WeNetwork went from strength to strength and became very successful in a short space of time.  The objective of WeNetwork was primarily to help and support its members to overcome their business challenges, and this has been achieved.

However, something magical happened.  As members became better acquainted and got to know, like and trust each other, a huge amount of business started being passed around.  Mel immediately had a ‘light bulb moment’ and realised that if there was a huge potential in actually passing business opportunities without trying…  What if we did!

This is how MBN was born…  The main objective of MBN is for members to pass each other more business.  However, there is also a business troubleshooting section where colleagues get an opportunity (on a rotational basis) to address the group with any challenges.

Mel Tadhunter

Mel is the founder of More Business Network (MBN).  She has been running another network called WeNetwork for over three years now.

Mel’s first experience of networking was over six years ago and it changed her life and her business completely.  Initially she had only a few clients but once she started networking the number of clients dramatically increased very quickly, and she has been networking ever since.  Mel went on to run a Chapter of one of the most well-known networks for two years.

After Mel set up WeNetwork, (originally with Laura Sorrell), which was primarily aimed at dealing with challenges encountered by its members, they soon realised that there were also other benefits for their members.  Networking within this group was additionally providing members with a generous amount of new business, as they were nevertheless giving each other business opportunities to follow up.

As it was not the main aim of that particular network, Mel had the idea to set up another network with a different aim and that was MBN.  This time the main feature of the network would be helping other members to find more business opportunities.  Training sessions are also held regularly throughout the year.  Once again, Mel’s networking experience is making MBN a success.

Mel Tadhunter

Mel Tadhunter


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