Why are we different?

MBN is very different from other business networking organisations.  If you have visited other business networks and they were referral-based, you may have experienced a meeting that was very strict, rigid and had certain criteria to both join and remain in the network.  At the other end of the spectrum, you may have visited a group where there was no pressure, but no strategy at all either, with the result that it seemed as if no business was being passed between members.

At MBN it is understood how very important it is that members do their utmost to achieve ‘MORE BUSINESS’.  So how could this be done effectively to ensure these opportunities happen?  Being too strict or rigid could lead to potential members not joining and members being too overwhelmed and leaving.  Too easygoing and there would not be enough business being passed and subsequently members would leave.  This balance would have to be just right…

It was clear that without members bringing along contacts or finding new business opportunities the extra amount of ‘More Business’ would not be enough and the network would not grow. 

MBN’s strategy is to reward members.  Members are rewarded when they share their connections by getting them to come along to meetings.   They also get rewarded when 3 or 5 of those connections who attended meeting join MBN as a member.

You really have to experience a meeting to get the vibe and buzz of what goes on… we’d love to meet you… 

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